Recohem Inc.

Chemical Storage Tanks

Project Description   (2) 24’-3”  dia. X 40’-0” high Chemical Tanks (4) 16’-3” dia. X 42’-0” high  Chemical Tanks Industry:  Chemical

Hamilton Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation

Airport Jet Fuel Tanks

Project Description: (2) 45’-0” x 40’-0” high Jet Fuel Tanks Industry: Fuel Storage Location: Hamilton, Ontario

McAsphalt Industries Limited

Asphalt Storage Tanks

Project Description   (2) 115’-0” dia. X 48’-0” high Asphalt Storage Tanks Industry: Asphalt Industry Location: Hamilton, Ontario


Pumping & Sludge Tanks

Project Description (1) 18’-0” dia x 24’-0” high & (1) 16’-0” dia. X 24’-0” high process tanks Industry: Steel Location: Hamilton, Ontario


H2S Process Towers

Project Description (2) 12’-0” dia. x 97’-0” high H2S Process Towers Industry: Steel Location: Hamilton, Ontario


Primary Cooler

Project Description (1) 11’-5” dia.  X 105’-0” high process tower Industry: Steel Location: Hamilton, Ontario


Dekish Ducting & Separator Replacement

Project Description: 300’-0” lineal feet of 3’-6” to 6’-6” of ducting (2) 11’-6” dia. X 29’-0” high process  separators Industry: Steel

Sabelli Boiler Works

Boiler Stacks

Project Description:  (2) 6’-4” dia. X 88’-0” high boiler stacks Industry: Agricultural Location: Leamington, Ontario

Kodak Canada Inc.

Boiler Stack

Project Description: 2’-6” dia. X 75’-0” high boiler stack Industry: Industrial Location: Toronto, Ontario

London Health Sciences

Multi-Flue Boiler Stack

Project Description: 3’-8” dia. X 60’-0” high multi-flue boiler stack Industry: Medical Location: London, Ontario

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