The experts at Platecon are innovative leaders in the design, construction, & maintenance of API storage tanks and plate structures.

Leading API Storage Tank Specialists

Since 1994, Platecon Projects Limited has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive turn-key American Petroleum Industry (API) services. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we excel in the design, engineering, fabrication, construction, and repair of field-erected API storage tanks and plate structures.

Our Expertise:
From process vessels, stacks, ducting, and penstocks to digester roofs and internal floating roofs, our mastery over intricate designs and robust constructions stands unparalleled. Our dedicated in-house design and engineering teams synergize with our seasoned field personnel, ensuring that each project, be it large or small, is executed with pinpoint accuracy.

Industries We Serve:
Over the years, Platecon has solidified its reputation by catering to a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Petrochemical
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Asphalt Storage & Processing
  • Water Storage & Treatment Facilities
  • Agricultural
  • Chemical Processing
  • Commercial & Industrial Construction
  • Nuclear

Platecon isn’t just about business; it’s about forging strong partnerships, setting industry standards, and delivering solutions that resonate with the needs of our esteemed clients. Trust in Platecon, your API storage tank specialists.

Guiding Principles

Learn about the philosophy, mission, and values that guide us in our pursuit to be the business partner of choice in the markets we serve.


Discover how we've built our company over the last 20+ years and have remained dedicated to safety, quality, service, and environmental responsibility.


Platecon has established our quality control system to achieve performance by meeting the requirements of the following codes and standards.

Our Success in Action: Check Out Our API Storage Tank Projects

With a focus on quality, safety, responsibility, and service, Platecon has had the opportunity to complete projects for some of our nation’s largest companies.

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