Tank Repairs

Platecon specializes in API tank repair.

API storage tank repairs performed include: 

  • complete bottom replacements
  • bottom plate patching
  • tank shell plate replacement
  • roof replacements
  • nozzle additions
  • miscellaneous weld repairs

Tank Jacking

  • Jacking of entire tanks including the shell, roof structure and roof plates to ¬†provide full access for complete foundation refurbishments.
  • Jacking tanks required for re-leveling

Internal Floating Roofs

  • Removal of existing IFRs
  • Installation of new Aluminum IFRs
  • Design and installation of steel pontoon-type floating roofs
  • Removal and replacement of seal systems

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With a focus on quality, safety, responsibility, and service, Platecon has had the opportunity to complete projects for some of our nation’s largest companies.

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